Country: UK
Duration: 14 mins
|12 Seconds
Sound: Silent
Ratio: 16:9
Available Format/s: HD Digital File
Original Format: HD Video / 2K Video


When visiting the Courtauld Collection I recognised in a number of Cezanne’s landscape paintings certain similarities to what I was attempting to do in this video made in Cumbria. Where movement and changing light is the subject, depicted through trees. And where the camera through duration records multiple sequences of ‘real’ and ‘present’ time moments which continuously change our perception of the represented video space and place.

The seasonal differences are filmed and presented in four sections to provide a comparative and a more extensive study of this phenomena, particularly through changes colour and differences in the density of foliage.

This video is also another example of my exploration of landscape film and representation which I have been working on over the last 40 years. In the observation of the way in which through time and duration, changes and transformations in light, weather and season affect the way in which we perceive space and place in film/video.

This video, as with others I have made, has the viewer in mind with the possibility of providing for a reflexive and phenomenological viewing experience. It is presented as a handheld silent film so that more attention could be given to the visual and the often subtle changes insight.

There is also a second set of video sequences titled THE ROAD TO PRIORY FARM 2 (After Cezanne).

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