Pear Tree

Country: UK
Duration: 18 mins
Available Format/s: HD Video
Original Format: Super 8 film


This Super 8 film is comprised of 4 second real time takes of a Pear Tree from the same fixed framed viewpoint, recorded each week over a period of four years. The film was made in the garden of the house where I lived in Denmark Hill, London. It is a comparative study of changes and differences in light and colour recorded ‘in camera’ at different times of a day, every week over a four year period. A central concern in this film is way in which time, light and seasonal difference, within a specific place, affects our perception of its space, and its representation in film form. Changes in weather also play a part in this and reference to the social space is made through changes occurring in the garden from week to week. The quality of the super 8 film stock also affects the way in which the film is perceived by the viewer. The diaristic nature of this film conveys a sense of duration and continuity as well as a sense of ‘time past’, as the film which was made between 1977 and 1981, dates with time. It also creates its own distinctive type of film rhythm when viewed.

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