Beach Fragments

Country: UK
Duration: 6 mins
Available Format/s: HD Video
Original Format: Super 8 film


Beach Fragments was made ‘in camera’ in Super 8, and explores a section of beach surface through a series of different time- lapse recordings. The film is comprised of a) Short camera bursts of ‘real time’ each time a wave crosses the framed area of beach and again of the beach after the wave has receded. b) continuous single frame shooting for the time in which a wave moves in, out and across the framed area of beach. c) continuous single frame shooting of the pebbles area only, each time a wave has receded from the framed area, leaving a different configuration of pebbles.

The camera records images of waves breaking on the sea shore through the varying time- lapse registers. Differences within the framed area of beach surface can be observed when the film is projected. Pebbles are sequentially repositioned after each wave has crossed and receded from the area. Changes in ‘on screen’ movement can also be seen according to the differences in the mode of time-lapse used during the recording process, some of which are abstract.

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