It Might Even Be Kind Of A Relief To Be Finished Marilyn Monroe

Country: UK
Duration: 78 mins
|34 Seconds
B&W / Colour,
Sound: Stereo
Ratio: 16:9
Available Format/s: DCP / HD Digital File
Original Format: 35mm Film / HD Video


A meditation of the heartbreaking performance of identity.
Inspired by material shot during a visit to Mike Wade studio on the Jurassic coast as he finishes a waxwork of Marilyn Monroe for a Hollywood Museum.
This material provided the canvas for an intimate embroidery exploring her life, her work, her self.
One American Woman, a speculation on disbelief.
Additional layers all emotion and abstraction include a window overlooking the remnant tombs of a graveyard garden adding a haunting and introspective atmosphere.
A correspondence with KE Jung Korean Psychoananlyst leading to thoughts about the connections between childhood sexual trauma and Hollywood and wax.
It becomes Kind of a gift to her
And a homage to my grandmother’s textile talents.

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