Sarah Miles

Sarah Miles was born in Epsom, Surrey. Brought up in West Dorset, she studied drama at South Warwickshire College and English and American studies at the University of East Anglia. Miles’ award-winning films blend fragmentary and evocative narratives of family and memory with references from cinema and literature.

Miles’ films have been screened extensively as single screen and installation works at cinemas and galleries and broadcast on Channel 4, Canal 4 and BBC2. Screenings at international film festivals include Oberhausen, Rotterdam, Melbourne and Chicago, and artist presentations include: Tate Britain; Arnolfini UK, Pacific Film Archive, Image Forum, Japan and Los Angeles Film Forum. She has lectured in Visual Theory at KIAD and freelance work includes pop promos and DVD extras. She lives and works in London and has a son.

I have found that my work is a revealing of something I don’t really want to say but have desperately needed to communicate. Perhaps it’s the need to keep it hidden that makes it poetic so that what is meant is felt. SM

Sarah is also a very interesting theorist and writer; her proposals pose complex philosophical questions, which, it seems to me, her films are attempts at resolving.
Gary Thomas

Works by Sarah Miles

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