Wayfaring Stranger

Country: UK
Duration: 69 mins
|30 Seconds
Sound: 5.1 Surround Sound
Ratio: 4:3
Available Format/s: DCP
Original Format: 4K Video


Wayfaring Stranger charts the life of an itinerant character, embodied by seven performers, across seven days, representing seven decades. Running from the city, through post-industrial edge lands and manicured enclaves, they find themselves in forests, farms, mountains, and the shore. Along the way, they undergo a transformation, through the seasons and changing geography, both physically and emotionally, from youth to elderhood, and from a single, alienated being into an accepted element of the wider world. Each ‘day’ is a ‘station’ that signifies a turning point in a character’s emotional development: from escape, through loss, grief and waywardness, to solidarity and co-existence.

Filmed in landscapes marked by centuries of ceaseless, often destructive, human interaction, Wayfaring Stranger asks what it takes to find a liveable life on one’s own terms and without conflict with others and the environment.

With text written and performed by acclaimed writer and poet Eileen Myles, and sound design by multi-award-winning sound recordist Chris Watson.

The performers:

Eileen Myles
Eirini Ampatzi Ippikoglou
Michiko Oki
Moon Nanook Guo-Barker
Mwiinga Twyman
Therese Henningsen
Xiaolu Guo

With a special performance from Tizzy-Rose, Callum Hickey, Ash & Ella

Written by Andrea Luka Zimmerman and Gareth Evans
Directed and filmed by Andrea Luka Zimmerman
Produced by Marta Michalowska and Thomas Zanon-Larcher
Co-Produced by Andrea Luka Zimmerman
Edited by Taina Galis and Andrea Luka Zimmerman
Sound design by Chris Watson
With music by Balamuc and Fern Maddie

Title song ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ performed by Fern Maddie

Commissioned and funded by The Wapping Project.

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