Yes to the Work!: The Women’s Art Library

Country: UK
Duration: 30 mins
|12 Seconds
Sound: Stereo
Ratio: 16:9
Available Format/s: 2K Digital File
Original Format: 4K Video


‘Yes to the Work!: The Women’s Art Library’ incorporates the feminist links between art and education. The film socially interweaves a diverse range of artists and researchers connected with the Women’s Art Library in London, and reveals a balance between the preservation of records of self-identified women artists, with their activation. Hosting artists and researchers alike, the WAL is a space that generates creativity, through centring the intersectional feminist strategies that practitioners bring to their time with the library. Featuring the collection, ‘Yes to the Work!’ documents the unique creative setting of the WAL, its users and its host, curator Althea Greenan. The film speaks to the WAL’s mission for the importance of accessible resources centred on women’s art today, and how they might feel, as much as what they can effect.

Commissioned by Art360 Foundation.

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