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No Place (Looking Back + Looking Forward)

Sarah Miles

UK, 2005
32 minutes, Colour, Sound
Available formats: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file

King’s Lynn and King’s Cross stand at either end of the railway line into and out of London and, provide archetypal representations of the country and the city.
No Place is a work in two parts is divided into two parts which can be shown together or separately:
No Place (King’s Cross) (20 mins) set in King’s Cross, London represents the point of view of a woman (Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz grown up into Judy from Hitchcock’s classic Vertigo) looking back, from the apparent sanctuary of a church, contrasting her memories of the countryside with a loss of innocence, and of childhood illusions, following her arrival in the Emerald City.
An elusive collage of real and fictional characters who all live in a kind of temporary limbo a long way from home but still looking for a sense of belonging.
No Place (King’s Lynn) (13 mins) set in King’s Lynn reflects the point of view of a young girl watching The Wizard of Oz in a movie theatre. The fenlands surrounding Kings Lynn are reminiscent of the hillbilly flatlands of Kansas and the magic of childhood and cinema are conflated.