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Phased Time

David Hall

UK, 1974
15 minutes, Colour, Sound, 1:1.33
Original format: 16mm film
Available formats: 16mm

‘Constructed on a pre-determined progressively self-defining ‘phased’ score and lens-matting procedure, Phased Time2 consists of six sections, each out of a 100ft roll. All work was done in camera except for linking with black spacer between sections. Apart from the first, each section is subdivided according to logical cyclic procedures. Each division (take) is a fixed position shot. At every consecutive take the camera is ‘pre-panned’ half a frame’s width to the right. Effectively, the camera is revolving in a ‘static pan’ around a room throughout the film. Also, each consecutive take is partially superimposed over its predecessor (by rewinding after each take) and consequently phases the half-frame moves… The sound phases and eventually superimposes synchronously with the picture, and was produced on a synthesiser and electric organ.’ – D.H .