Looking, Mediated

Country: UK
Duration: 60 mins
Sound: Sound
Ratio: 16:9
Available Format/s: HD Digital file
Original Format: HD video


Looking, Mediated is a new touring programme of moving image works by artists who utilise, address and challenge contemporary forms of visual experience. Often traversing formal boundaries, these works explore how we view and interact with imagery today, and how these interactions inform social and cultural relationships both on and off the screen. Through forms of audio-visual production such as green screen, 3D animation, avatars, ASMR, image galleries, self-broadcast and interpretative documentary, the potential of the screen as a site for the departure from, or surrogate for, reality is interrogated.Looking, Mediated is curated by Matt Carter for LUXMatt Carter is Distribution Manager at LUX Johann Arens Marte e Venere – A Handheld Monument (2013, 10’08, HD video, colour, sound)Helen Carmel Benigson The Future Queen of the Screen (2011, 9’18, HD video, colour, sound)Lucy Clout Shrugging Offing (2013, 10’39, HD video, colour, sound)Fabienne Hess Bastards Series (2013-14, 3’00, image archive, colour, silent)Patrick Hough Object Interviews (Part I & Part II) (2013, 6’07 and 14’10, HD video, colour, sound)Richard Healy The Pines (2014, 4’50, HD video, colour, sound)

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