The Undistributed Middle – Touring Programme

Country: UK
Duration: 67 mins
Sound: Sound
Available Format/s: BluRay / HD Digital file


The Undistributed Middle is an attempt to bring to light those works which are not easily categorised; works which though valuable have not been validated. The programme presents a selection of overlooked rarities and radical classics, drawn mostly from the 1970s and ’80s, including works by Tim Bruce, Steve Hawley, Judith Goddard, Jenny Okun, Margaret Raspe, Sharon Sandusky and Terry Flaxton (Triple Vision).Curated by Gil Leung & Mike Sperlinger.PROGRAM INCLUDES:Celestial Light & Monstrous Races Judith GoddardUK 1985, video, 5 mins, Colour, Sound The Sadist Beats The Unquestionably Innocent Margeret RaspeGermany 1971, Super-8 transferred to video, 6 mins, Colour, Silent Prisoners Terry Flaxton (Triple Vision)UK 1983-1984, video, 16 mins, Colour, Sound The Undistributed Middle And Other Fallacies In The Home Steve HawleyUK 1981, Video, 5 mins, Colour, Sound Underground Movie Tim Bruce UK 1973, 16mm transferred to video, 12 mins, B&W, SoundWake Up Sharon SanduskyUSA 1987, 16mm transferred to video, 4 mins, Colour, Sound Waves Jenny OkunUK 1978, 16mm transferred to video, 3 mins, B&W, Silent Lyrical Doubt Judith GoddardUK 1984, video, 16 mins, Colour, Sound

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