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Correspondência um

Keira Greene

UK, 2019
6 minutes, 12 seconds, Colour, Stereo, 16:9
Original format: HD Video
Available formats: HD Video: ProRes Digital File / DCP

Correspondência um. is a collaboration with dance artist Susanne Mayer, taking its title from a year long correspondence and studio practice. The choreography for this work was informed by our letter writing in which we exchanged ideas about performance and film, and in particular ideas around kinaesthetic empathy. Our correspondence of diagrams and instructions, as well as the paragraphs and arcs of our letters were used as a way to score movement and the gaze. The studio sessions were developed non-verbally, through movement tasks with the camera. Correspondência um. is the first work in a series exploring non-hierarchical and choreographic relationships between dance, filmmaking and writing.