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TV Interruptions (7 TV Pieces)

David Hall

UK, 1971
23 minutes, B&W, Sound, 4:3
Original format: 16mm film
Available formats: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file

Conceived and made specifically for broadcast, these were transmitted by Scottish TV during the Edinburgh Festival. The idea of inserting them as interruptions to regular programmes was crucial and a major influence on their content. That they appeared unannounced, with no titles, was essential.. These transmissions were a surprise, a mystery. No explanations, no excuses. Reactions were various. I viewed one piece in an old gents club. The TV was permanently on but the occupants were oblivious to it, reading newspapers or dozing. When the TV began to fill with water newspapers dropped, the dozing stopped. When the piece finished normal activity was resumed. When announcing to shop assistants and engineers in a local TV shop that another was about to appear they welcomed me in. When it finished I was obliged to leave by the back door. I took these as positive reactions… – D.H.
1) Interruption piece 2.20 mins
2) Window piece 2.25 mins
3) Tap piece 3.31 mins
4) Time Lapse piece 3.28 mins
5) Pans piece 2.34 mins
6) Street piece 2.44 mins
7) Two Figures piece 3.12 mins