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The Red Sea

Michael Maziere

UK, 1992
20 minutes, Colour, mag stripe
Available formats: 16mm

“Now I drift through the Poem of the Sea;
This gruel of stars mirrors the milky sky,
Devours green azures ; ecstatic flotsam,
Drowned men, pale and thoughtful,sometimes drift by.
Staining the sudden blueness, the slow sounds,
Deliriums that streak the glowing sky,
Stronger than drink and the songs we sing,
It is boiling, bitter, red; It is love!”
A.Rimbaud, “The Drunken Boat”
The Red Sea is a subjective testament to an emotional and aesthetic journey. Touching on sensuality, pain and the inevitability of loss, the film moves across territories of significant yet unresolved images. As in a dream text, the viewer is left in a state of interpretation with great emphasis on the experiential.