Country: UK
Duration: 10 mins
B&W / Colour,
Sound: sound
Available Format/s: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file


“Michael Maziere’s Delirium, is an evocative and engaging work that deftly probes questions of desire and excess. Its hauntingly lyrical, yet formal architecture of reworked archival footage, classic film noir (including Billy Wilder’s controversial 1945 The Lost Weekend), and surreal landscapes attests to Maziere’s poetic inventiveness as one of Europe’s leading cine-video artists working today…
In contrast to the more conceptual gallery work of the 90s, Delirium has an emotive, near hallucinatory style that takes on the romance of life’s most existential passages. Its concerns are exquisitely related to intense human states rather than to ideas. With kinetic subtlety and insight, it draws from cinema, digital technology, poetry and psychoanalysis. By sifting through the melodramatic smoking remains of film noir, Maziere consummately brings a contemporary relevance to the genre’s extreme psychological states.” – John Conomos

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