Clear Cut

Country: UK
Duration: 18 mins
Sound: mag stripe
Available Format/s: 16mm


An imagist study on the use and effect of Renaissance perspective in pictorial construction and particularly in cinema. While the images work to emphasise cinematic perspective the sound uses text from different scientific and semiological essays on the ideological effect of perspective. Perspective is seen here as a perceptual straight jacket.

“Texts on perspective and the cinematic apparatus superimposed over sundry images dont necessarily de-mystify the processes involved. Somehow theres a similarity between imposing on an image text which exhorts us to see the perspective construction (an invented phantom) and one which wants us to see its ideological contingency. The image persists (it fixes you in its stare), one struggles to (one cannot) conceive of an image which would contradict it. One is held captive by the image.” – Peter Milner Visions and Revisions. Undercut N.I.

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