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Paddington Collaboration

Luke Fowler , Anna McLauchlan

UK, 2007
3 minutes, Colour, Optical, 1:1.33
Original format: 16mm film
Available formats: Digibeta tape / SD digital file

‘ Paddington Collaboration ’ was shot on 16mm film one morning in and around a flat in Paddington , London. Inspired by a history of formal film experiments the artists imposed a structure with each controlling roughly half of the content. Fowler drew from classic ‘room films’ to document a journey from the interior of the upstairs flat to the front door of the building. McLauchlan then explored the surrounding area, following this exploration with shots of Fowler in front of the places he had previously captured. Fowler asked McLauchlan to draw over the first half of the film, instead she wrote about the events of that morning, a text that then forms the sound track. The narrative reveals the physical and temporal structures that guide this collaboration , together with those that shape expectations of what it means to contribute to this type of film.