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Country: UK
Duration: 20 mins
|41 Seconds
Sound: Dolby SR
Ratio: 1:1.375 (Acadeny)
Available Format/s: HD Digital
Original Format: 16mm Film


If the word Enceinte (meaning the “main defensive enclosure of a fortification”) is synonymous with “the body of the place”– what does it means to live within a body that is outside of time and without purpose? could these places be considered Hetrotopias? Or are they – as WG Sebald describes – alien structures denuded from human history?

The first collaboration between filmmaker Luke Fowler and acclaimed sound recordist Chris Watson. Enceindre is a study in film and sound of two 16th century fortified cities: Berwick in the North-East of England and Pamplona in the Navarre region of the North of Spain.

The film considers the wider psychological and social resonances of what it means to live within a town defined by its historical complex of defensive walls and bastions. By adopting an “infra-sensitive” approach to place; Enceindre draws on overlooked acoustic perspectives and lucid camerawork to propose a new framework in which to consider these anachronistic structures.

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