It’s My Own Invention

Country: United Kingdom,
Duration: 78 mins
Sound: Stereo
Ratio: 4:3
Available Format/s: HD Video / / / HD Digital file
Original Format: Film transferred to video


In 1984, Maurice Seddon (the subject of Heated Gloves; 2015), encountered someone on the street who was in need of work. He had met this person before. I suggested that we could use a washer-up at the Dining Room, (Borough Market 1980-1990). A few days later Hugh de la Cruz arrived. He was living in a Methodist hostel on the Commercial Road in London’s East End. Inventor of several unfinished projects including a trouser-coat, for the last two decades Hugh has been compulsively obsessed with a perpetual motion machine for which he has made numerous diagrams. He calls it “My Invention” and frequently becomes agitated and impatient about its progress. Nobody will listen to him and if the machine is ever made, the powers that be will certainly want to sabotage it and have Hugh abducted as The Invention will render conventional sources of energy obsolete and undermine the oil industry.This film sketches in Hugh’s relationship with Maurice before engaging with Hugh and his ongoing project.Originally shot on standard 8mm, 16mm, mini dvd and iPhone with sound by Dan Wilson.

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