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Dėmės ir įbrėžimai [Stains and Scratches]

Deimantas Narkevicius

Lithuania, 2017
7 minutes, B&W, 5.1 surround
Original format: 8mm Film
Available formats: HD Digital file

Polarity between physical marks on celluloid and photographic image that it supports was an inspiration to create a stereoscopic sculptural illusion, titled “Stains and Scratches”.A freshly pressed double LP of rock opera Jesus Christ Super Star got through to the underground scene of Vilnius. Score of the opera was re-written by ear upon hearing the record. The musical was staged at the Vilnius Art Institute on 25th of December 1971. This events were filmed on Super 8mm film.Please note this is a digital 3D work, available as a 3D DCP only.