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Chain Smoker Tap Dancer

Iain, Jane Forsyth, Pollard

UK, 1995
19 minutes, 29 seconds, B&W, Stereo, 4:3
Original format: SD video
Available formats: SD Digital file

Chain Smoker – Tap Dancer, made in 1995, is Iain and Jane’s first video work. It was made in the months following the beginning of their collaboration on Christmas Eve 1994. It is a two monitor video installation presented at head and floor level.One monitor features a single-take, single-shot of Iain’s head presented actual size as he chain smokes. The second monitor features a single-take, single-shot of Jane’s feet presented actual size wearing tap shoes tap dancing. Iain doesn’t speak or make a sound, Jane’s tap dancing is the only soundtrack to the piece. Both of the single-shots are 20 minutes in duration and play on a continuous loop. It was an experiment in self portraiture and an entertaining cross-breed of teenage notions of ‘rock and roll cool’ and seaside amateur dramatics.