this broken piece of yard

Cairo Clarke
An abstract and minimal wavy graphic in black and white. In the middle the caption writes “this broken piece of yard”
this broken piece of yard

this broken piece of yard invites a constellation of creative practitioners to contribute to a year of co-intentional slow, ambient programming. Centering learning through practice and embedding Black feminist futurity at its core. Together we honour forms of knowledge production and dissemination that slip between the cracks, are formed on unstable ground, and take on multiple temporalities. Offerings are drawn from strands of theorising taking place in autonomous spaces, inserting the speculative into the present and holding space for the mess. this broken piece of yard was born out of exploring the history of LUX (formerly the London Filmmakers Co-op); navigating the lived conditions of Covid-19 and global uprisings in defence of Black life – together culminating in asking “what do we want from arts organisations now?” and “what do we want to bring into being?”

Through writing commissions, audio projects, digital interventions, activities in nature and working groups this broken piece of yard is an experiment towards an entangled communal practice. We take exhaustion as a point of solidarity, slow-walking together, leaning on one another, collectively shaping this broken piece of yard.

this broken piece of yard is developed by Cairo Clarke, LUX Curatorial Fellow 2020/21.

Writing Commissions

A portion of a word Distortion as a three dimensional graphics that resemble erratically shaped and transparent glass objects. Underneath the graphics are captions, “Lola Olufemi” in a simple gothic and “Distortion” in serif italic.         Alphabets are designed in black, three dimensional with erratically carved and shiny surfaces. At the center are captions “Tanaka Fuego, Limbs to the wind” and “this broken piece of yard” on the bottom left.


Over the course of 2021 two new commissions will be released over four seasons. Season 1 – with special thanks to Lola Olufemi and Tanaka Fuego.


In this audio series we hear from a variety of guests reflecting on navigating creative approaches in artist film and moving image.


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