this broken piece of yard
Episode 1: Bea Freeman

A title “this broken piece of yard” in a liquid metal graphics. The background is a gradient of red and orange with three rough brush strokes. On the bottom it says “with Bea Freeman” in a simple san serif font.

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In this episode Cairo Clarke speaks with Bea Freeman a filmmaker, producer and community organiser working across TV and film in Liverpool and across the UK for over 25 years. Bea shares reflections and anecdotes about her journey into filmmaking, making work around the 1981 uprisings in Liverpool and the complexity of ownership of means of production as a black filmmaker.

Watch They Haven’t Done Nothing (1985) produced by Liverpool Black Media Group and Bea Freeman here. Available to watch for 24 hours from 6 July at 10 am to 7 July at 10 am.

Excerpts of audio from:

  • They haven’t done nothing (1985) Director: David Horsefield Producer: Bea Freeman Production Company: Liverpool Black Media Group
  • They Don’t Get a Chance – A Tribute to Black Women (1985) Produced by Ann Carney & Barbara Phillips Production Company: WITCH (Women’s Independent Cinema House)
  • Daughter of the Windrush (2019) Director: Hambi Haralambous, Executive Producer: Andrea Rushton, Producer: Bea Freeman, a Blackburne House Production.
  • Love in Black & White (1998) Director: Maxine Watson

Download the full transcript here

This podcast is produced and edited by Sandra Jean-Pierre, mixed by Adrian Townsend, soundscape by Ratiba Ayadi and graphic design by Joshua Woolford. 

This series is for educational purposes. 


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