White Lite

Country: UK
Duration: 3 mins
|30 Seconds
Sound: Sound
Ratio: 4:3
Available Format/s: 16mm / SD digital file
Original Format: 16mm film


“Watch the ghost of Bela Lugosi decay before your very eyes. A sequel to Plan 9 From Outer Space.”Jeff Keen/Deke Dusinberre, Interim Jeff Keen Filmography with Arbitrary Annotations, Afterimage No. 6, 1976″Keen is indebted to the Surrealist tradition for many of his central concerns: his passion for instability, his sense of le merveilleux, his fondness for analogies and puns, his preference for ‘lowbrow’art over aestheticism of any kind, his dedication to collage and le hazard objectif. But this ‘continental’ facet of his work – virtually unique in this country – co-exists with various typically English characteristics, which betray other roots. The tacky glamour/True Beauty of his Family Star productions is at least as close to the end of Brighton pier as it is to Hollywood B movies…The heroic absurdity and adult infantilism that are the mainsprings of his comedy draw on a long tradition of post-Victorian humour: not the ‘innocent’ vulgarity of music hall, but the anarchicness of The Goons and the self-lacerating ironies of the 30s clowns, complete with their undertow of melancholia.”Tony Rayns, “Born to Kill: Mr. Soft Eliminator”, Afterimage No. 6, 1976 Also available on the compilation GAZWRX: the films of Jeff Keen

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