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Tales of the Forgotten Future Part 1: The Morning Films

Lewis Klahr

USA, 1983
35 minutes, Col., sound
Available formats: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file

Tales Of The Forgotten Future
USA, 1988 – 1991, 133 minutes, video
Klahr’s four part, twelve film Tales of the Forgotten Future is, in his own words, an epic, “delirious genre hop through the twentieth century trying on different masks of identity.”
Part 1: The Morning Films
1. Lost Camel Intentions 1988, b&w, 10mins
2. For the Rest of Your Natural Life 1988, b&w, 9mins
3. In the Month of Crickets 1988, b&w, 15mins
Klahr’s 1988 break-through is a masterpiece of populuxe surrealism that, set in a mysterious hotel-cum-department store, manages to coax a remarkable degree of eroticism out of a few suggestive maneuvers and the escalating soundtrack buzz that gives the movie its title. (J Hoberman)