Country: Germany
Duration: 8 mins
Sound: Silent
Ratio: 4:3
Available Format/s: HD Digital file
Original Format: Super-8


This was the the first film I made with the camerahelmet, after I had meditated for a long time on aggression in the kitchen. There was a difficulty: I wanted to be able to film continuously without cutting, but could not find an automatic shutter release that would allow me, to run the whole cassette through. So I had to work with one which gave me only a 30 second take. I had to keep taking it out, screwing it up, plugging it in again and waiting until the camera began to run again. Because of that I had to divide the work into little sequences and to think about what I could do in 30 seconds. So the automatic shutter release determined the duration of the sequences and gave the film its rhythm. The film shows the area of about 20x30cm in which my hands are doing things to the material. After the presentation of the ingredients and the implements a schweineschnitzel is prepared. The meat is cut, an egg is broken and beaten, the meat is prepared and spiced, allowed to wallow in egg, rolled in flour and breadcrumbs and set on fire with fat, until it is ready to eat. – M.R.

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