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Pony Glass

Lewis Klahr

USA, 1997
15 minutes, Colour, sound
Available formats: 16mm / DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file

Pony Glass is the story of comic book character Jimmy Olsen’s secret life. In this 15-minute cutout animation Superman’s pal embarks on his most adult adventure ever as he navigates the treacherous shoals of early ’60s romance trying to resolve a sexual identity crisis of epic proportions. A three-act melodrama – each act has its own song – filmed in my signature collage style that “unmasks” our collective iconic inheritance as Americans while significantly expanding the notion of what a music video can do.
‘The central character of this cartoon collage whose visual focus is in the 1950s, is Jimmy Olsen the cub reporter from ‘Superman’, who is imagined in scenarios with musical accompaniment dealing with racial and sexual anxiety. The character is liberated from a repressed Milquetoast into a figure posed in various pornographic couplings. The synergy of intense pop music and cartoons makes for a disturbingly heady meditation on transgressive imagery and popular culture.’ – Stephen Holden, The New York Times