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Plutonium Blonde

Sandra Lahire

UK, 1987
15 minutes, Colour, Opt.
Original format: 16mm Film
Available formats: HD Digital file

Is the woman worker at the terminals an extension of the plutonium-decanning monitors, or is she a germ in the nuclear plant who grows into self control? The power of a Plutonium speck to enslave her vision and destroy every cell of her body is matched by her power to combat the collusions of state and media.
Plutonium Blonde is an intelligence at the core of the reactor who wants to shut it down. She is also Thelma, Karen Silkwood’s friend who loses her hair and her skin.
The robot lines of PU processing and of disposal/dispersion on reactor monitors intersect with the living mindscreen of a woman who works for a process she does not really ‘control’. She will not be the Lady Lazarus pure and purifying blonde plutonium processor. Moving out of her prison of monitors, she sees the paradox of nuclear plants or trees: grids of PU rods or spirals of life force. In her film-her stained glass- she opposes the religion of male technology and documentaries, whose claim to be “balanced” is hypocritical!
“A beautifully textured collage of sound and image and a fractured narrative about woman’s self definition and control.” – City Limits, June 1987.