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Miranda Pennell

UK, 1995
7 minutes, Colour, mono, 16:9
Original format: 35mm film
Available formats: SD Digital file / 35mm

Using different film speeds to abstract movement, this is the lounge imagined as a domestic space of self-expression and ritual restraint, and of separateness and isolation within the family.
Performances by ex-ballroom and Latin dancing champions, Des and Eileen McIntyre, dancer Gaby Agis, performer Barnaby Stone, and two children who understand the true meaning of ‘the ties that bind’.

‘Miranda Pennell and Jayne Parker both fuse the performative with the visual, using film as a trompe l’oeuil to baffle and charm the audience. They dislodge the proscenium from its usual site and play with and within the space that opens up in its place. Ordinary movements are transformed into extraordinary gestures, dance-like, dream-like, disarranged by the addition or subtraction of elements (water, film-stock) utilised out of place or out of order.’ – B. Ruby Rich,” ICA Biennal of Independent Film and Video 1997