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La Décision Doypack

Paul Rooney

UK, 2008
27 minutes, Colour, Sound
Available formats: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file

La Décision Doypack is inspired by a real web memoir by retired Australian Mackenzie J Gregory, who remembers walking the night-time streets of Paris during the events of May 1968. Failing That uses a moment from an actual documentary about Chile from the mid-eighties, in which an adolescent boy gives a public speech after the death of his father Manuel Guerrero, who had been killed by the military junta. It is partly because of this connection with real life and real events, events that involve revolutionary turmoil or profound injustice, that the imaginative confabulation and formal artifice of the works themselves is thrown into relief, underlining the pathos and absurdity of our attempts to do justice to the past.La Décision Doypack (2008), co-commissioned by Matt’s Gallery and Loughborough University’s Radar programme.