Country: Germany
Duration: 21 mins
Sound: sound
Available Format/s: 16mm


Grand Prize, Knokke Film Festival, 1974/75
German Critics’ Award, 1975.
“A balance of being enclosed in divided spaces.”
The sliding of facades and rooms, like scenery, through various axes, in various levels of multiple exposure together with entrances and exits of a person. Landscape exists only as a view through windows and doors. Individual shots stand in opposition to each other, modify themselves, or dissolve altogether into other pictures. Side by side with erupting pictures, images that collide and pile up, there are fragments of spaces/rooms and time sequences, attraction, fusion and repulsion of the various halves of the film image, with the purpose of creating a sensual topology. These are the main formal elements of the chosen film language. One picture devours the next. – Dore O., 1975.

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