For the Time Being

Country: USA
Duration: 6 mins
|40 Seconds
Sound: Stereo
Ratio: 16:9
Available Format/s: HD Digital file / DCP
Original Format: HD Video


A video letter to artist Nancy Holt, in homage to our shared interest in terminal lakes, framed views, monuments and time. Filmed on and around the Great Salt Lake, Mono Lake and Meteor Crater.

The title is taken from a piece Holt wrote for Robert Smithson in 1978 which reads in full: For the time being, in the interim, in the course of time, from day to day, from hour to hour, until, in due time, and in the fullness of time, time endures, goes on, remains, persists, lasts, goes by, elapses, passes, flows, rolls on, flies, slips, slides, and glides by.

Made for “The letters that weren’t and also are,” by invitation of Garbiñe Ortega and Matías Piñeiro.

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