Driving Demons

Country: USA
Duration: 21 mins
Sound: Sound
Ratio: 4:3
Available Format/s: DVD
Original Format: Film transferred to video


A ‘found-footage’ film, original too shrunk to print on 16mm, it was made as one of four films for a project called GRAVITY SPELLS–an album of film and new music by John Davis, my collaborator in sound.

The title derives from a title in the footage:  ‘These Driving Demons Start Young’–and proceeds to show soap box derby races.  I made a soap box racer and drove it in the official derby when I was about nine years old.

The footage goes on to show various race cars, races, collisions, road cars racing, and strange mobile contraptions, including rocket cars and exploding motorcycles.  And of course mad drivers.  All in the1920s.

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