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Emily Wardill

UK, 2007
10 minutes, Col., opt
Available formats: 16mm

Ben is a 10 minute 16mm film that forms the second part of Basking in what feels like an ocean of grace, I soon realise that Im not looking at it, but rather that I AM it, recognising myself .
Shot in colour on a set that was built in Black and White, Ben re- inhabits a famous case study involving hypnosis. The authority of the case study, the rickety construction of the set, and the faltering voice over hold the film together in a precarious balance.
with thanks to : Geraint Edwards, Heather Phillipson , Hamja Ahsan , Riffat Ahmed, Silje Lysle , Miria Swain, James Dove, Barbara Wardill , Geoff Wardill , Harry Wardill , Chris Ray, Valerie Barrow, Len Thornton, Keisha Sandy-Wellington and Gregory Cox.
With financial support from Central Saint Martins College of Art.