Call for Participants – MayDay Rooms X LUX: Uncovering the Archive Youth Programme:We are what we record

January 18, 2024

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LUX and MayDay Rooms are collaborating on a series of four workshops for participants ages 18-25, as part of the ‘Uncovering the Archive’ project. 

Join us for four sessions exploring the themes of personal, community and activist media archives, including access to works within the LUX collection. 


What to expect: 

Participants will be asked to consider their relationship with and access to historic media, such as home videos, archives in your community, or recordings of your own activism and organising. These might have been filmed on phones, digital cameras or video tape. 

The series of workshops will be a chance to explore what it means to record and archive for ourselves, our communities and shared struggles, as well as what it means to situate these histories in the present. You will develop your unique way of archiving stories that resonate with you through the medium of moving images. The aim is for you to incorporate your research into these archives and create something that can be screened during the final session. 

This programme will be facilitated by Charlotte Procter and Sun Park (LUX) in collaboration with the MayDay Rooms collective. Two of the sessions will be facilitated in collaboration with LUX artists whose work speaks to the ideas we will be exploring. 

The programme is free. Refreshments will be provided at each session. 

Capacity: 8 Spaces


Who can join:
  • Participants are expected to commit to all four sessions as each workshop contributes to the development of the final presentation. 
  • Participants do not need any prior experience of working with archives or filmmaking; these are not sessions requiring technical knowledge or expertise.
  • Prospective participants will be asked to write a short explanation of why they would like to participate in this programme.
  • Participants should not be currently enrolled in higher education.


Access info: 

You will receive £20 towards your travel costs to the workshops. 

The workshops will take place at LUX. 

Address: LUX, Waterlow Park Centre, Dartmouth Park Hill, London, N19 5JF

You can find general access information here:

Auditory/Visual Access: Please note that not all works in the Collection feature captions and audio descriptions. 

Sensory Access: Sensory and content notes will be provided before the screening of films during the sessions.


Workshop Schedule:

Session 1 – Wednesday 21st February, 6-9pm: This first session will provide an introduction to LUX, including its history and archive. We will watch specific works that highlight the program’s themes, as well as learn about the various types of physical media in the archive.

Session 2- Saturday 16th March, 12-3pm: Talk with artist Rehana Zaman about her practice followed by a direct animation 16mm film workshop

Session 3 – Wednesday 24th April, 6-8pm: Talk with artist Onyeka Igwe about counter-hegemonic approaches to the archive, and working with activist archives and histories.

Session 4, Saturday 25th May, 2pm: The final session will be an informal event where participants will screen something they have produced that builds on the previous sessions.  


To apply, Please fill out this application form

Application Deadline: Friday 9th February, 11:59 AM

If you have any questions about the workshop and application process, please get in touch at [email protected]


Artist Biographies 

Onyeka Igwe is a London born & based moving image artist and researcher. Her work is aimed at the question: how do we live together? Not to provide a rigid answer as such, but to pull apart the nuances of mutuality and co-existence in our deeply individualised world. Onyeka’s practice figures sensorial, spatial and counter-hegemonic ways of knowing as central to that task. She is interested in the prosaic and everyday aspects of black livingness. For her, the body, archives and narratives both oral and textual act as a mode of enquiry that makes possible the exposition of overlooked histories . The work comprises untying strands and threads, anchored by a rhythmic editing style, as well as close attention to the dissonance, reflection and amplification that occurs between image and sound.

Rehana Zaman is an artist living and working in London. Her work speaks to notions of kinship and sociality, seeking out possibilities of intimacy and transgression within hostile contexts. Conversation and cooperative methods sit at the heart of her films which extend into texts, performances and group work.




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