LUX Film Club

October 14, 2022
overhead view of a hand drawing on a strip of a clear film on a table full of sharpies, film strips , leaves and nail polish

Film Club is a social space for watching films from the Lux collection to initiate conversation, collaboration and creative responses. 

Film Club explores the uses of experimental film and video in the community context, and is a project developed by artist Amy Feneck in collaboration with LUX and it’s local communities.

All Film Club sessions are free.


Young People:

Film Club currently runs sessions for young people aged 11-18years in the school holidays, usually taking place at LUX in Waterlow Park, with access to materials and space to screen any finished moving image work.

Film Club has also worked with Fresh Youth Academy/Camden Youth Services at Ingestre Road Community Centre.

If you are a young person, youth service/club, or secondary school interested in joining the Film Club mailing list for young people, please get in touch: [email protected] 


Mental Health:

Film Club is currently working with the Next Steps programme operating at Highgate Mental Health Hospital, running sessions for staff and patients at the hospital.


Upcoming Dates:

  • EMBRACING THE RANDOM: 4 April 2023 at LUX, 1:30-4:30pm
    • A free video and sound recording workshop exploring the way chance and randomness can be a powerful tool in creating meaning, narrative and experimental film. We will be using phones to make the video so please bring along your phone.

For more information about what is involved in each session, or if you have any questions about Film Club, email: [email protected] 


Twop people in hoodies filming a building at sunset with their smartphone and camcorder 
A hand holding a red translucent rectangle that filters the bright orange sunset emerging through cloudy sky into a blurry red tinted trees and sky

Film Club at Ingestre Road with Fresh Youth Academy


A few clear film strips are painted with dotted and flowery patterns
 Hand painted film srips are hung over a suspension of a window that looks out to a green park under the blue sky

Film Club at LUX


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