Relaxed Screening: Right of Way: Ufuoma Essi, Dan Guthrie, Arjuna Neuman

9 March, 2023
– 9 March, 2023
12:45PM and 14:45PM 
Syncopated Green , Arjuna Neuman, 2022. Courtesy of the artist.
Image Description: Against rural background with a house separated by a tall green hedge, an arm stretches through the frame, holding what appears to be a small circular mirror. The mirror shows a reflection of people carrying a large speaker on their shoulders.

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Relaxed Screening Thursday ​​9th March 2023, 12:45PM and 14:45PM 

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LUX is pleased to announce an exhibition of newly commissioned moving image works by Ufuoma Essi, Dan Guthrie and Arjuna Neuman exploring representations of the English rural landscape.

During the COVID-19 pandemic – as people realised anew the importance of nature and open spaces for our health and mental wellbeing – inequalities of access to rural land were being exposed, revealing the disconnect felt by millions of people towards the English countryside. A 2019 government review found that many Black, Asian and ethnically diverse people view the countryside as an ‘irrelevant white, middle-class club’, concluding that this divide is only going to widen as society changes and ‘the countryside will end up being irrelevant to the country that actually exists’. These new commissions interrupt and challenge the enduring perception of the rural idyll as an untouched and unchanging space where time stands still and asks how can our natural spaces be home to difference, protest, and activism.



Films in the screening: 

‘black strangers’, Dan Guthrie, 2022, 8 min.

Dan Guthrie’s “black strangers” seeks a man called ‘Daniel’ recorded on a bishop’s transcript held in Gloucestershire Archives, who was buried in Nympsfield in 1719 and described as ‘a black stranger’. Whilst walking, Dan talks directly to Daniel, speculating about the parallels between him and his namesake, and about how his experience in his hometown of Stroud mirrors that of ‘Daniel’.


‘Syncopated Green’, Arjuna Neuman, 2022, 14 min.

Arjuna Neuman’s ‘Syncopated Green’ reflects on the history of outdoor free parties in the English countryside, using rave music, past and present, to help forget the ‘official’ portrayal of England as picturesque, nostalgic, white, and rural. The film invites rave music into the English landscape – turning imperial history inside out. Somewhere between a music video, a memoir and an essay, it asks: how might our future be different if we had other histories to lean on – and dance with?


‘Pastoral Malaise’, Ufuoma Essi, 2022, 11 min.

Ufuoma Essi’s ‘Pastoral Malaise’ explores the absences within the rural pastoral environments that are often framed by romanticism and picturesque conventions, constructed as tourist sites and refuges in rural landscapes across Britain.


Right of Way has been commissioned with the Independent Cinema Office as part of an archival film touring project celebrating the history and legacy of the National Trails in England.



Screening Schedule:

Screening 1 starts at 12:45pm and ends at 13:35pm

The door will open 30 minutes before the screening starts at 12:15pm

Screening 2 starts at 14:45pm and ends at 15:35pm

The door will open 30 minutes before the screening starts at 14:15pm


Access Information:

The exhibition is free, but booking is required.

The sound level will be reduced.

The lights will be adjusted to mid-bright.

A separate quiet space is available.

Refreshments will be available.

This event is scent-free and we ask everyone attending not to wear perfumed products.

We have flexible seating arrangements with beanbags, chairs with backs and benches available.

The building is wheelchair accessible.

Service dogs are welcome. Drinking bowls will be provided.

We have two walking canes in space available.

The Good Host will be present on site.


Auditory/Visual Access: We have hearing loops, a large print guide and magnifying glasses available in the space. The films in the exhibition have open captions.

Sensory Access: “Syncopated Green” by Arjuna Neuman contains moderate flashing images and strobe lights.


You can find general access information here.


If you require any additional access measures in place please email [email protected] or call us on 020 3141 2965.



close up of hands carefully going through a stack of old letters.

Black Strangers, Dan Guthrie, 2022. Courtesy of the artist.

Yellow tinted image shows two black teenagers in school uniforms walking up a hilly road
Pastoral Malaise, Ufuoma Essi, 2022. Courtesy of the artist.


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