Plant Stories

16 June, 2019
– 16 June, 2019
Waterlow Park Centre

Plants give us great joy and decorate our houses in many ways. But what do we know about them? Where were they “born”, where did they originate from? What is the situation in their natural habitats? They are usually the weakest living thing in our households as they cannot raise their voices and demand our attention, our love or our feeding.
During this workshop, we would like to share and collect your stories that you can tell about your plants in ways that give them a past, a present and a future. Bring a potted plant from your home that you would like to talk about. This can be a dear or less-loved plant. But a plant that you have something to say about.
Bring the plant out of the hidden spaces of your home and show its beauty in a different environment where it can be collectively appreciated. The stories that you can share about your particular plant will be collected.
Plant Stories is devised by Sonya Schönberger, the current [email protected] artist in residence who is exploring plant ecologies as part of a project inspired by the work of the poet Andrew Marvell who lived in Waterlow Park.

Sonya Schönberger is a Berlin-based German artist whose practice is strongly influenced by historical themes in connection with biographical memories marked by breaks. Many of her works have developed out of different archives that she has created or found over the last years. Alongside these, Schönberger also works with the changing public space in Berlin due to political or social changes. She works with formats like photography, theater, installations, publications and audio. Her works have been exhibited internationally, including the USA, Iran, Pakistan, Israel and Canada.



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