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Performance as Publishing: Take One/ Take Two/ Take Three

Sun 13 Nov 2016 / 12pm - 4pm

LUX, Waterlow Park Centre
Free entry, donations welcome
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Take One/ Take Two/Take Three was a broadcast project by Performance as Publishing, hosted at Eastside Projects, and broadcast by thisistomorrow in late spring 2016. Over three events, nine new artists’ performances were staged to camera for online broadcast, in the presence of a live audience. Between the live performances, a special selection of artists’ films was screened, chosen during Performance as Publishing’s residency at LUX. This event will provide an opportunity to revisit the project as a whole, bringing together the three original broadcasts from March, April and May, into one afternoon-long screening event with lunch and refreshments.

The series played with the transposition of ‘liveness’ and the event into a digital context through framing and editing, using works that put forward different takes on repetition, transformation and accumulation. The programme was a continuation of Performance as Publishing’s ongoing investigation into text, writing and language in contemporary art, specifically in relation to performance. Participating artists were Eddie Peake, Marie Toseland & Sophie Mallet, Phil Coy, Nicole Bachmann and Ruth Beale.

More information is available on the Eastside Projects webpage for the series, found here.



Take One

First broadcast on Friday 4th March, with performances by Eddie Peake, Phil Coy and Ruth Beale.

Ruth Beale, Their Constructive Materials, 2016 (Voice: Sarah Hamilton Baker)

David Hall, Interruptions, 1971

Mark Leckey, The March of the Big White Barbarians, 2005

Eddie Peake, Cowbell Headbonk Sound Effect Part One, 2016 (Performers: Christine Cornwell, Emma Fisher & Gareth Mole)

David Hall, MTV Interruptions, 1993

Maya Deren, Witch’s Cradle Outtakes, 1943

Phil Coy, Nothing is as dark as the memory of darkness, 2016

Take Two 

Broadcast on Friday 1st April featured performances by Eddie Peake, Nicole Bachmann and Marie Toseland & Sophie Mallett, with accompanying films:

Nicole Bachmann, Hush Now Ha, 2016 (Performer: Anna Tierney)

David Hall, Interruptions, 1971

Lis Rhodes, Dresden Dynamo, 1971-1972

Eddie Peake, Cowbell Headbonk Sound Effect Part Two, 2016 (Performers: Christine Cornwell, Emma Fisher & Gareth Mole)

David Hall, MTV Interruptions: reacTV, 1993

Louis Henderson, All That is Solid, 2014

Marie Toseland & Sophie Mallett, Horrid Little Hands, 2016

Take Three

Broadcast on Friday 6th May featured performances by Nicole Bachmann, Marie Toseland & Sophie Mallett and Ruth Beale, acoompanying films:

Nicole Bachmann, Hush Now Ha Part Two, 2016 (Performer: Anna Tierney)

Cerith Wyn Evans, Kim Wilde Auditions, 1995

Ruth Beale, Their Constructive Materials/Layers, 2016 (Voice: Jack Trow)

Rachel Reupke, Containing Matters of no very peaceable Colour, 2009

Marie Toseland & Sophie Mallet, Horrid Little Hands Still, 2016