Jerusalem Pink, Maeve Brennan

22 December, 2023
– 8 January, 2023

Jerusalem Pink

Maeve Brennan

UK, 2015
41 minutes 13 seconds


Jerusalem Pink (2015) explores the role of stone in Palestine in relation to an architectural survey of the Dome of the Rock (an Islamic shrine in Jerusalem), produced by Brennan’s great-grandfather in 1924. Detailed descriptions of the building’s condition punctuate interviews with four Palestinian experts – a geologist, an archaeologist, a stone worker and an architect. The film builds a stratified image of Palestine, excavating the latent narratives inside Jerusalem stone.

Follow this link to read a recent text by Maeve Brennan about the film. This text was originally published in Migrations in New Cinema, ed. by Ektoras Arkomanis (London: Cours de Poétique; 2020), pp. 14-26.

During LUX’s online exhibition, from 22 Dec – 8 Jan, for each copy of Migrations in New Cinema sold, £7.50 (50%) will also be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) a charity which works for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees.
Colour photograph of a landscape showing a clear blue sky, grass and clusters of rocks in the distance. There is an arm visible in the frame from the left side of the image. Dr. Ibrahim Mekharzeh, who is dressed in a blue sleeved jacket, is gesticulating and pointing at significant archaeological sites in the distance (southern West Bank).
Jerusalem Pink, Maeve Brennan, 2015.


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