Sarah Pucill – Selected Films 1990 – 2010


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The films of award-winning British artist Sarah Pucill have been celebrated at film festivals world-wide and shown in cinemas and galleries internationally. At the core of her practice is a concern with mortality and the materiality of the filmmaking process. Many of her earlier films take place within the confinements of domestic space, where the grounded reality of the house itself becomes a portal to a complex and multi-layered psychical realm. Her most recent film Phantom Rhapsody (2010) marks a new departure. In its stark use of black and white, the film examines the appearance and disappearance of the phantom as it relates to the partial visibility of lesbian sexuality in the canons of both cinema and art history. The DVD consists of seven selected films spanning the two decades of Pucill's practice. Contents You Be Mother, 1990, 7 min Backcomb, 1995, 6 min Swollen Stigma, 1998, 20 min Cast, 2000, 17 min Stages Of Mourning, 2004, 17 min Taking My Skin, 2006, 35 min Phantom Rhapsody, 2010, 19 min Extras 26 page booklet with full film notes and 3 newly-commissioned essays by Lucy Reynolds, Cherry Smyth, and Margherita Sprio.

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