John Wood and Paul Harrison – Nothing Special: Selected Video Works 1993-2011


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Nothing Special: Selected Video Works 1993–2011 is a new DVD of John Wood and Paul Harrison’s acclaimed work. Packaged in a specially designed LP-style sleeve, the disc features 16 works plus a range of extras, ephemera and a Tate Shots interview. John Wood and Paul Harrison have been working collaboratively since 1993 producing single and multi screen video works, drawings, text prints and quite useful objects. They have had major solo exhibitions at Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston; Kunstmuseum Thun, Switzerland; Ikon Gallery, Birmingham and the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo. Includes Board, Boat, Three-Legged, Device, Two Wall Sections, Twenty Six (Drawing and Falling Things) [extract], 66.86 m, Hundredweight [extract], Notebook [extract], The Only Other Point [extract], Photocopier, Blind / Spot, Night and Day [extract], One More Kilometre, 10×10 [extract], Bored Astronauts on the Moon [extract] Extras: 1992 (early video), 1993 (leapfrog), Board incidents, Boat building, Six devices, Apples and tennis balls, Ten things, Ping pong ball,The Only Other Point drawings, Photocopying, Blind / Spot tests, Tate Shots interview


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