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Inger Lise Hansen is a visual artist with background in experimental film and animation who for the last two decades has produced a distinctive and acclaimed body of moving image work. This publication presents her recent film trilogy, Proximity (2006), Parallax (2009) and Travelling Fields (2009); a series of spatial deconstructions using disorientating perspective and animation to foreground landscape and architectural elements across a series of diverse locations, from a shopping centre in Linz to the deserted landscapes of north-western Russia. The films are accompanied by specially commissioned texts by Nicole Hewitt, Stefan Grissemann and Trude Schjelderup Iversen. ‘Hansen’s films are fundamentally simulations; feigning naturalness, continuity and movement (…): In them, the sky becomes sea, a low point, a base. They quite literally portray a world on the brink, a realm of condensed time and strained space’ Stefan Grisseman. Included on the DVD: Proximity (2006), Parallax (2009) and Travelling Fields (2009) Proximity (4 mins, 2006) An upside-down time-lapse camera is moved one centimetre at the time on a track, inverting the ground and the sky. The camera travels through four shots recorded in different weather conditions, on a deserted beach at Skagen, Denmark’s northernmost point. Parallax (5 mins, 2009) Inger Lise Hansen made the site-specific work Parallax during an artist residency in Linz, Austria, for the exhibition Hhenrausch at the OK Center for Contemporary Art. The film is shot entirely on the roof of a shopping center in Linz. Travelling Fields (9 mins, 2009) Travelling Fields is filmed on a number of locations in Murmansk and Monchegorsk in Northwest Russia. The film observes various topographies and architectural elements in the landscape. It is shot in places such as abandoned construction sites, a field by a factory and an empty car market.

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