George Barber – BEYOND LANGUAGE Selected Video Works 1983-2008


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A pioneer of British video art, once described in Art Monthly as ‘the Henry Ford of independent video’ George Barber gained an international reputation with ‘Scratch Video’, an original fast-cutting, multi-layered rhythmic genre of work in the 1980s. Moving away from Scratch in the early 90’s, Barber created many low-tech video pieces and was influential in defining the then emergent ‘slacker’ aesthetic. Narrative is at the centre of much of his work, either deconstructing it, as in Scratch, or evolving a delivery and kind of milieu with humour and eclecticism that is very different to anything on television.This DVD Contains:Tilt (1983), Absence of Satan (1985), Yes Frank No Smoke (1985), Secret Society (1986), Taxi Driver II (1987), Arts Council GB Scratch (1988), The Venetian Ghost (1988), 1001 Colours Andy Never Thought Of (1989), Schweppes Ad (1993), Hovis Ad (1994), Curtain Trip (1994), Passing Ship (1994), Waiting For Dave (1994), Say Hello To Lottery Park (1995), The Story Of Wash & Go (1995), The Weather (1995), 2001 Colours Andy Never Thought Of (1996), Withdrawal (1997), I Was Once Involved In A Shit Show (2003), Walking Off Court (2003), Beyond Language (2005), Automotive Action Painting (2007), Following Your Heart Can Lead to Wonderful Things (2008).Plus a new audio commentary by George Barber and an essay by Matthew Noel-Tod

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