DOWSER 8. Projecting Abundance – Myriam Mouflih


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For DOWSER Issue 8 (Summer 2023), curator and writer Myriam Mouflih considers the fate of the screening as a mode of exhibition that is uniquely communal and discursive. Exceeding our present paucity, Projecting Abundance moves towards an imaginative framework for better working. In her imagining, Mouflih solicits the dreams of five allies from across the UK. Punctuating this issue, their thoughtful responses lend a necessary polyvocality to this projective project.


Against the individualising effects of an economic moment which privileges difference, Mouflih calls upon the collective in the co-production of screening futures. Succinctly modelled in the collaborative shape of this text, she finds a resolution in togetherness—amongst audience members, amongst organisers, and in the dissolution of distinctions between.

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