Afterimages 4: Vivienne Dick


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Born in Donegal, Ireland, Vivienne Dick moved to New York in 1975. There she became part of a group of filmmakers affiliated to the music and aesthetics known as 'No Wave'. Shot mainly on Super-8, Dick's films from this period feature many people and musicians from the No Wave movement in New York, such as Lydia Lunch, Pat Place, James Chance and Ikue Mori. Invoking the spirit of '60s underground filmmakers, her work betrays an interest in individual transgression, urban street life, kitsch and pop culture. Multilayered and open-ended, the work is framed from a female perspective, with an overriding concern for social conditioning and sexual politics.This DVD contains:GUERILLRE TALKS, 1978, 24 minSHE HAD HER GUN ALL READY, 1978, 28 minSTATEN ISLAND, 1978, 4 min

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