O.T.O (One Time Only)

11 May, 2023
– 11 May, 2023
Kiss You, Hugo Hutchins, 2023, digital video. Courtesy of the artist.
LUX presents O.T.O, a project of artists’ music video to be held at FOLD, London, on the evening of 11 May, 2023.

The project, curated by students on the Royal College of Art MA Curating Contemporary Art programme was inspired by the work and writing of Ian White and explores the relationship between music videos, moving image and the live, using the format of a club night. O.T.O will foreground the potential to be found in the creation, distribution, and consumption of the music video as a medium, a form that has often been under-discussed and marginalised within critical discussions around moving images.

The night will present a new live collaboration between Anna Clegg and Tarzan Kingofthejungle and the premiere of a film work by Adam Farah-Saad. Existing works by Ahaad Alamoudi and David Hall will also screen during the night. DJ sets by HabibTati and Hellikisto will accompany the screenings.

Other elements of the project include commissions by the artists Hugo Hutchins and Maria Mahfooz for the LUX Instagram account and critical texts on the music video which can be accessed via the project website.

O.T.O is supported by Futur.Shock and FOLD.

To access more information about the project and to book tickets, visit otolondon.live




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