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LUX and Cranford Collection Present: EAT YOUR FRIENDS

Mon 14 Dec 2015 / 7pm - 9pm

EAT YOUR FRIENDS is the fourth and last in a series of events exploring lines of connection and points of dialogue between the LUX archive and the Cranford collection. The series has been curated by Matt Carter (Distribution Manager, LUX) and Louise Chignac (Special Projects Manager, Cranford).

Taking Cranford’s EAT YOUR FRIENDS by Alex Hubbard as a starting point, this screening presents eight films that look at the artist’s creative process through performative gestures, aesthetic experiments and staged explanations of their own work. Most of the artists presented here are well-known for their cross-disciplinary practice and their work often draws upon themes related to other media such as painting, sculpture and performance. From Laure Prouvost and Kevin Atherton to George Barber and Jack Smith, the selected films manifest as generous and often humorous disclosures that invite the viewer to immerse themselves into the artists’ world and contemplate their moments of creation.


Richard Serra, Hand Catching Lead, 1968,  3 mins

Alex Hubbard, EAT YOUR FRIENDS, 2012,  6 mins

Kevin Atherton, Scaling Up, 1988, 10 mins

Jack Smith, Scotch Tape, 1959-1962, 3 mins

Wood & Harrison, Six Boxes, 1997, 5 mins

Annabel Nicolson, Slides, 1971, 11 mins

George Barber, Automotive Action Painting, 2008, 6 mins

Laure Prouvost, The Artist, 2010, 10 mins

Total running time: 54 mins

Still from Alex Hubbard's Eat Your Friends, 2012.