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Live Cinema Performance

Sun 20 Apr 2008 / 7pm

Arcola Theatre
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To mark the launch of its new publication, Guy Sherwin: Optical Sound Films LUX presents a night of new film performances curated by artist Guy Sherwin. Live Cinema will include new film/video and sound performances by:

Nicky Hamlyn & Conor Kelly

Emma Hart & Benedict Drew

Riccardo Iacono

Sebastiane Hegarty

Lynn Loo

Samantha Rebello & Olivier Rodriguez



Emma Hart and Ben Drew Working with two 16mm projectors and feeding them both the same piece of film (so they look like they are having a tug of war) the film will move materials around on a table, which they will also project on to. The projectors will be miked up.

Emma Hart and Benedict Drew began their collaboration in 2005 at the invitation of the LUX for the “Soundtrack” event in London. Their work explores and destabilizes moving image, sound and performance. Central to their work is the inverting of technologies to create anarchic systems, making their processes explicit and their performances electric.

Something Other Than IT mo(nu)ment: live vinyl edition

At 12pm on January 5th 2005 during the three-minute silence held in memory of the Asian Tsunami, I made an audio recording from my bedroom window. A limited edition 7² vinyl record of this original recording was posted, without the protection of cover or envelope. Recipients were requested to play, record and return the record, together with their own recordings. The last un-played record will now be played and recorded. This recording will then be integrated into a live re-mix of the original and returned recordings. With thanks to Patrick McGinley (London), Matt Rogalsky (Canada); David Luff (France) and Jane Cheadle (London: recorded from Resonance FM broadcast)

Sebastiane Hegarty is an artist and lecturer. His creative practice is primarily time-based and includes sound, installation, photography, drawing and text.


Lynn Loo, Samantha Rebello, Olivier Rodriguez A multi-projection and sound performance intent on destabilising the relationship between sign and signified.

Lynn Loo is a filmmaker originally from Singapore and currently based in London. Her films have been included in numerous international festivals as well as gallery exhibitions.

Samantha Rebello is a London based artist working in both moving image and sound. Her visual work uses predominantly 16mm film for single screen work as well as multi-screen performances.

Film Sound

Nicky Hamlyn and Conor Kelly This work involves a microphone, celluloid, water, lighting, a projector and EQ, not necessarily in that order, as part of a process of processing, recording, presenting.

Nicky Hamlyn is a filmmaker and writer. He teaches on the Video Arts Production and Visual Theory courses at University College for the Creative Arts at Maidstone. His book Film Art Phenomena (2003) is published by the BFI.

Conor Kelly is an installation artist/composer who explores ideas using sound and video as material. Recent solo exhibitions playfully refer to connections between off screen sound and narrative and invert the traditional hierarchies between sound, music and the image.

Squashed Hat

Riccardo Iacono Man plays catch with sewing machine. A freeform improvised jamming session. People ducks scratch mirror. Peas, camera, light-bulb. No camera, nipples. With contributions from artists and audience members.

Riccardo Iacono’s works range from abstract film to video collage, performance and installation. His current project Chucky is an expanding body of over 20 video performances and interventions created in private and public spaces using the techniques of video recording and throwing objects.