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LFMC50: Interrupting Light

Fri 11 Mar 2016 / 8:30pm

BFI Southbank, NFT3
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Our celebration of the 50th anniversary of the London Filmmakers’ Co-operative continues with a special collection of film performances curated by Annabel Nicolson.

Some of the most radical work of the Film Co-op in the 1970s was in the area of Expanded Cinema. The dynamics of image, light and space were explored within the projection situation, and the filmmaker was often an integral part of the performance. This programme includes lesser-known projection pieces, performances and works with light, reappraised by the artists.


Hands Knees and Boomsa Daisy, UK, 1974, Marilyn Bailey (née Halford), 4 min

Footsteps, UK, 1974, Marilyn Bailey, 7min

Aperture Sweep, UK, 1973, Gill Eatherley, Variable min

Chair Film, UK, 1971, Gill Eatherley, 6 min

Point Source, UK, 1973, Tony Hill, 8 min

Heartburn, UK, 1973, Tony Hill, 2 min

Hand/Shutter#2, UK, 1976/2016, Guy Sherwin, 10 min

Mirror Films, UK, 1975, Steve Farrer, 16 min

100ft Show, UK, 1976, Steve Farrer, 3 min loop


Tony Hill's Point Source